The website returns! Plus lots of news.

This lovely little website is still very much a work in progress, but it’s updated and back in the swing of things, so huzzah.  Onto the latest news:

VERONA WALLS was a great hit at the WorkShop Theater this past March, with positive responses from critics, and euphoric responses from audiences.  Many many thanks and much much love to the cast, crew, staff, and audience members who made this production the wonderful experience it was.  This show will ride again in one form or another, so stay tuned.

Next week, my western, LONG TIME GONE, will have a three-day staged reading at The WorkShop Theater, directed by Thomas Cote.  Casting is currently in progress.  Tickets are free!  Reservations can be made at

We’re coming to the end of Everyday Inferno’s Playwright/Director Developmental Lab and director Katherine Sommer and I have been cooking up a pretty exciting new piece about people with superpowers trying to form their own society far away from the demands of planet earth.  It’s only sort of as strange as it sounds.  We’ll be reading a chunk of it, along with chunks of several other fantastic new plays, on May 28th at 8pm.  These tickets are free too!  Reserve them at