Happy New Year and good luck to us all

It’s 2017, and I am still very much Laura Hirschberg: Playwright, Director, Stage Manager!  I’ll be doing some substantial work on the site in the early part of this year, so please bear with me and construction continues.  First and foremost, I should be able to get some more substantial images up in the coming months, especially on the Director and Playwright pages.  I might even include some script excerpts as well.  Stay tuned.

This is my professional site and that’s what it’s going to remain, but I do want to take a moment to acknowledge that 2016 was a tough year and the next several years will be tougher.  That being said… last year, I made some great art and saw some great art and I’m certainly looking forward to what the future holds.  Some of that art has been and will be purely entertaining.  And some of it has been and will be part of the struggle to understand the ways in which human beings, especially in this country, are divided and can come together.  I plan to continue to do my best to engage with and understand the world through my work as well as my actions.  And I hope to inspire and be inspired by others as we all head into an uncertain future.