Everyday Inferno’s 2017 season is underway…

And with it, the first rumblings of the upcoming production of Supertopia!  Supertopia, which started as part of Everyday Inferno’s 2016 Playwright/Director Developmental Lab, is slated to go up this summer at Central Park’s Summit Rock performance venue.  I’ve already completed one massive rewrite, and another, more nitpicky rewrite is underway.  I’m looking forward to seeing the further evolution of the piece as we add actors and start experimenting with staging–we’ve got flying and teleporting to figure out, just to name a couple of exciting challenges this script provides.  Everyday Inferno put together some snazzy teaser videos for the season.  Check out Supertopia’s… then do yourself a favor and watch ’em all.

Also on the horizon, my next opera directing project: Opera Gala: Rome and Beyond.  Rehearsals are about to kick off and we’ll be playing Ideal Glass Gallery in the East Village, March 26th at 6pm.  The show is guaranteed to delight opera aficionados and newcomers alike.  It features a full performance of Robert Ward’s short chamber opera Roman Fever, as well as songs and scenes from Don Giovanni, The Rake’s Progress, The Barber of Seville, and many more.  Tickets are already on sale!


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