Looking back on 2017 and forward to 2018

Many updates are in order and, as ever, my not-just-New-Year’s-resolution will be to more regularly update this site with new projects and more photos and video from past work.

To recap:

  • My play, Supertopia, premiered at Summit Rock in Central Park this past summer, produced by Everyday Inferno and directed by Katherine Sommer.  It was a great success, pleasing comic book fans and newbies to the fantasy/sci-fi genre alike.  Rewrites were particularly challenging and rewarding and I look forward to tinkering with the script again in the near future as I re-envision it for other venues and prepare to send the play out into the world.
  • The summer at Spiegeltent was a complete joy.  Phenomenal colleagues in beautiful surroundings, working together to present an amazingly well-curated season of concerts and performances.  And the waterfalls weren’t too shabby either.
  • The end of the 2017 was devoted to once again joining the management team at Santaland at Macy’s Herald Square.  This was my third year as a manager of one of the biggest, most well-loved productions New York has to offer, and I’m very proud of the work we did, from pre-production to the Thanksgiving parade to every visit with the Man in Red himself.

On the horizon:

  • I’m currently putting finishing touches on a script for the WorkShop Theater’s third annual Out of the Hat Festival.  This incarnation of the festival is the first one we’re opening up to the public, so I encourage anyone in the mood for fresh, personal, instinctive theater to come and hear these brand new short plays.  Every time we do this festival, more and more wonderful WorkShop talent gets involved, so it should be a sight to see.  Check the WorkShop website for details, but generally mark your calendars for the middle two weeks in January.
  • Bard College has won my heart and so I’m off to the Fisher Center this spring to stage manage Requiem for Anna Politkovskaya.  The show promises to be fascinating, timely, and insanely creative.  And I finally get to work with giant puppets!  The show runs May 18-20 at the LUMA Theater.  Come and see!
  • And I’ll be back again for my second year as the Production Stage Manager at Bard’s Spiegeltent this summer.  I’m counting down the days!  Can’t wait to see what Mx. Justin Vivian Bond cooks up for us this year.  Tickets go on sale in late February and the season kicks off June 29th.  So stay tuned.