Lethe, Desire, and Henry VI

Busy is a good way to be, and 2019 continues to entertain.  Lots of projects in various states of production and on the horizon!

Stage Management:

The first of this year’s slew of gigs up at Bard College is up and running at the Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts.  The theater department’s Senior Projects include large scale puppets, cowboys, and a chunk of Cabaret.  An impressive showing from students and staff alike and a crazy stage management challenge.

Just around the corner: On the 26th, we begin rehearsals for Desire, a deconstruction of A Streetcar Named Desire directed by the marvelous Jack Fervor.


Between these two shows, I’m dashing back down to the city to catch Out of the Hat 4 at the WorkShop, featuring 22 new short plays, including my newest play, Lethe.  In Lethe, Katie Braden and Lori Faiella play Zoe and Hannah, long-estranged sisters haunted in very different ways by a moment of trauma by a lakeside.  My show is part of the first night of the festival, Monday, 2/25, in very fine company with plays by some of my favorite fellow WorkShop members.  The whole week is a real testament to the talent of the company.  The venue has limited capacity, so reserve your free tickets now at this link!


I’m delighted to be a part of Michael Hagins’ 8 by 8: The Shakespeare Series.  Michael is striving to be a part of every play in Shakespeare’s canon before he turns 40 this August.  He’s down to his final 6 productions and I’m at the helm of the double-whammy: Henry VI Parts 2 and 3.  Our staged reading is just a few months away, on May 24th in NYC.  Script work and casting are still in the early stages, so stay tuned!  These plays are a bloodbath and feature so many people named Richard and Edward that I may have everyone wear nametags… but they also raise some pretty chilling questions about what kind of person can be trusted to lead a nation and how conflating brutality and cruelty with strength can destabilize a society.  And that’s just what I’ve been muttering to myself about so far!  Wait until I get some actors involved!