On Tour with Black Grace

I’m in College Park, Maryland–City #1 on the Black Grace dance company national tour.  Tech today, performance tomorrow, then on to Boston, NYC, Minneapolis, and LA.  This company is astounding and the choreography is incredible.  I’m utterly delighted to be stage managing this tour.  Check out the details by following this link!

In other news, The Magic Flute with The Little Orchestra Society was a great success and a very silly romp, especially thanks to the brilliant Craig Shemin.

And Out of the Hat 5 with The Workshop Theater may very well have been our best yet.  My play, The Beach, was very well-received and was in mighty good company, alongside exceptional work by Tracy Newirth, Liz Amberly, Ken Jaworowski, Laurie Graff, and Jane Lincoln Taylor.  The Beach is one of my favorite plays I’ve written, and it has potential for a lot more life further down the road–perhaps as a short film, a pilot, or a full-length sci-fi play–so stay tuned!

Wearing All Three Hats!

Time for a long overdue update!

The WorkShop Theater has reinvented itself and is settling in very nicely with the regular crowd at ART/NY.  I had the pleasure of directing two readings last month, featuring exceptional casts and simply wonderful material.

First was the latest presentation of the WorkShop’s InspiredBy Series, Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing.  It was great to get back to working on Stoppard, even in this super speedy context.  We got the laughs, we got the emotion, we got the wit.  We even got the Scottish accent!

The next day I was back in rehearsal, this time for the Pen to Paper developmental reading of Ken Jawarowski’s The Distance.  Ken’s a brilliant writer of intense, unflinchingly human plays.  My four actors tackled some truly challenging emotional work, and the audience response was stupendous.

Switching gears and looking towards the future: The WorkShop’s annual Out of the Hat Festival is back for year 5, and I’m delighted to once again have a play of mine in the mix.  My play, The Beach, is a sci-fi story of hope, expectation, truth, and exploration.  I love it a lot.  The Festival runs October 16-19 at ART/NY (my piece will be read on the 19th).

And in the meantime, I’m getting ready to stage manage the Little Orchestra Society’s Magic Flute: Mozart concert, then head out on the road with Black Grace Dance Company for their US national tour!