Back in NY, Back at the North Pole

Turns out that stage managing a national tour doesn’t leave much time for updating one’s website!  To catch up a bit: Black Grace’s US tour was a marvelous experience and a wonderful success.  We played to great houses in Maryland, Boston, NYC, Minneapolis, and LA.  And it was a true privilege to work with such an exceptional company and to put on such high quality, joyful, meaningful shows again and again.  I can’t wait for my next opportunity to work with Black Grace–it can’t come soon enough.  And I’ve certainly been bitten by the touring bug.

Til the next time I head out on the road for an adventure… I’m back for year five as a part of the management team at Macy’s Santaland!  The glitter, snow, elves, mayhem, and, of course, the Man in Red, are back in full force and I’m delighted to be in the mix.