Laura’s plays, including VERONA WALLS and FIRE THIEF, have been developed, workshopped, and produced by Harvard University, The WorkShop Theater, The Looking Glass Theatre, 3V Theatre, Caps Lock Theater, the Frigid Festival, Everyday Inferno, and the 9BC Performance Series. Her plays to date have featured titans, Shakespearean characters, cowboys, lady pirates, and the occasional talking whale.  They also explore family, friendship, loyalty, love.  And in one case, Big Foot.


Playwright resume image


“Hirschberg’s play is a witty update on a classic story….  The script does… a fine job of portraying how all-consuming young love can feel.”–New York Theatre Review

“Playwright Laura Hirschberg takes a powerful swing at making an original theater piece out of an oft-told-tale.  It works…..  Hirschberg’s sense of fun is everywhere…..  The very best moments in Verona Walls are those that capture the playfulness that goes with youth.”–


Heart of Oak is a true ensemble show, each member of the crew part of the story of their voyage with their own motivations and struggles….  Just because these pirates are women certainly doesn’t mean that they’re any less impulsive, contentious, dangerous or thrilling. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Heart of Oak is a compact little show, telling a story of national rivalries, massive sea battles and epic loves…”–

“The heart of Heart of Oak comes through the fascinating thesis Hirschberg sets out to examine. Hirschberg allows the story to be the primary attraction, allowing the audience to develop their own opinions. By the end when the women do question their roles and identities, Hirschberg cleverly ties everything together….  With an interesting thesis of gender roles and freedom, Heart of Oak is a fantastic piece to set sail with. “–Theater in the Now


A monologue from Laura’s short play, HER BROTHER’S KEEPER, was published as part of Smith and Kraus’s Best Men’s Monologues of 2016.


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